Your bespoke premium one-stop compliance solutions provider

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Global Compliance Company (“GCC”) is a bespoke and quality compliance advisory firm providing one-stop premium corporate solutions to our clients, from compliance advisory to corporate services and IT advisory services.

Led by a team of experts from different disciplines in Hong Kong, GCC is committed to being a leading and innovative service provider to offer precise and superior advices for our clients.

We are a reliable and trustworthy business partner that connects with our customers and regulators. We are also committed to safeguarding the compliance industry in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We strive to safeguard your compliance and governance needs.

Our professional team assists clients for different license application, including HK SFC license for Type 1-10 regulated activities, licenses for bank, PIBA, money lenders, trust company and overseas SFC licenses.

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KYC is an essential practice to protect financial institutions from fraud and losses resulting from illegal frauds and transactions. Leverage our specialists’ extensive experience in the financial institutions, we provide a range of AML and KYC solutions including review and advice on client’s AML procedures and policies and client’s on-boarding procedures etc

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Our expert team assist our clients to implement their compliance programs and ensure they are in line with the updated regulatory requirements. Our tailored ongoing supports include provisions of review and advice on the update of compliance policies and procedures, consultation on new products/ business proposals from a regulatory perspective etc

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We always aim to safeguard the compliance industry in a responsible and sustainable manner. We offer sophisticated compliance training programs for our clients to ensure their representatives are alerted and informed about the regulatory change.

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We strive to be your one-stop solutions provider and business partners with an exceptional quality of service.

With extensive knowledge, our team of specialists is dedicated to providing a range of corporate services, including Company Incorporations, Company Secretary, Account & Audit, HR services and IT advisory services for SMEs.

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