Every company should uphold professional corporate governance and a well-established back office structure to ensure thorough daily operations and sustainable business growth. Our corporate service and Co-back office services are run by a dedicated team of experts to provide solutions for SMEs who are looking for accounting, auditing, human resources, payroll services and other administrative and operational services. 
GCC Corporate services enables you to benefit from: 
• Focus on your core business development 
• Reduce operating costs 
• Increase company operating efficiency 
• Improve flexibility of company administrations 
• Avoid complex personnel arrangements
In GCC we always aim to deliver high-impact one-stop solutions tailed for client’s needs and requirements. We are here to support your business goals and to enhance your competitiveness. With our in-depth industries knowledge, our IT advisory services, GCC RegTech and G-Tech, provide leading and innovative IT solutions for our clients. Our app, APPSPECT offers innovative solution for firms to provide online training for their employees and as a proven track record for the management team to monitor the continuous learning process of the employees. GCC also partnered with a range of professional institutions and organisations, to offer offline training programmes on compliance, corporate solutions, IT and STEM etc. 


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